Entertainment Systems

Entertainment Systems

Ability to convey all the audio and video signals to and from the salt link (1 single with 2, 3, 4 or more) Local control of reconfigurable systems. Management of all systems Audio / Video / Lighting / engine through a simple graphical interface, control options Wireless (Management salt touch screen) Scenarios software control, can recombine the rooms to be used and combined control through the touch of a button management without operator Control of all systems via standard Ethernet Remote diagnostic systems

In modern multimedia room must be considered different and inhomogeneous signals:

// Signal Distribution Audio / Video
// Video projection
// Diffusion Audio
// Systems debate
// Simultaneous Translation
// Storage media (overhead projectors, etc.)
// PC Management waiter
// Videoconferencing

The flexibility of digital systems allows potentially infinite solutions, so it's essential to evaluate the design phase the functional requirements of the salt interface. This way you can use technology to optimize the cost and ease of use. In 's perspective, it is important to define:

// Size and number of places in single room
// Intended use of the single room
// Possibility of different uses for each salt
// Type of information sharing between the salt
// Need to combine multiple and combined (typical use by the studio)

Presence of specialized operators or management only by the speaker