Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Our fire alarm control panels are available in a comprehensive range of capacities and feature sets, making it easier to find the right choice for your application.

Our life-safety control panels are developed with the most up-to-date technology to meet the diverse life safety and regulatory requirements.

Our panels’ backward and forward-capability protect your initial system investment through upgrades that can leverage on your existing infrastructure. This minimizes disruption to building operations and at the same time, enables effective cost management throughout the life cycle of the system. In short, your system can be the foundation of a scalable fire and life safety communications system, leveraging infrastructure you already have plus the option to add -on emergency notification system.


// Addressable, conventional and hybrid fire alarm control panels that offer design flexibility, easy installation, lower life-cycle costs and operational efficiency.
// Next-generation technology including internet connectivity, remote service capabilities and touchscreen technology to reduce service time and serviceability.
// Panels feature forward and backward compatibility, allowing you to leverage existing wiring infrastructure and peripheral devices for cost-effective solutions.
// Secure storage for improved access and compliance-archive vital data including as-built drawings, inspection reports and software programs using our Mass Storage Device within the panel.
// Network up to 696 panels, extending your life safety protection while maintaining the simplicity of centralized control.
// Revolutionary self-testing capability and constant electronic supervision of the notification system to help ensure appliances will work when needed.
// Small, mid and large panels offering features and functionality often associated only with large systems.