Specialist Extinguishing Systems

Specialist Extinguishing Systems

Tyco Marine Solutions offer a wide range of extinguishing systems to prevent, contain and extinguish a fire throughout the entire ship’s cargo area and machinery spaces. These agents and systems also protect and provide safe refuges for the ship’s crew on the ship’s bridge and within the accommodation areas.


Local Application Water Mist
// New technology low pressure system for reduced costs
// Simple, long-term maintenance
// No detrimental effect on electrical machinery
Water Mist for Accommodation Spaces
// Low pressure, small bore pipe and less water usage
Hot Foam for Machinery Spaces Total Flood
// Cost-effective alternative to CO2 systems and total flood high pressure water mist systems
Foam and Dry Powder
// Specialist R&D to provide solutions for unique problems
// Full range of monitors, applicators and hand hose lines

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