EAS Intelligence

EAS Intelligence

The first step to controlling shoplifting is implementing EAS systems. The next is effectively managing them using Tyco’s EAS Intelligence solution to ensure optimum performance over the long run.

With Sensormatic EAS Intelligence solutions, data is captured, transmitted over the store’s IT network in real-time to be analyzed and delivered in graphical, easy-to-read reports that highlight exceptions – even sent as alerts to mobile phones or PDAs. Plus management can review these reports at store, chain or corporate levels, for deeper business insights into store operations.


Retailers can drive EAS compliance and maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) on their existing EAS infrastructure thanks to Tyco’s EAS Intelligence solutions, which capture and consolidate data from multiple EAS hardware devices and report on this data across the retailer’s enterprise. Through EAS Intelligence, retailers can improve EAS effectiveness, optimize training, and foster continued operational excellence in their stores.


Further Reduce Shrink
// Monitor status and health of devices to avoid unplugged deactivators at the POS or detection systems at the exit doors
// Understand your associates’ response time to alarms and verify compliance to corporate Loss Prevention standards and operational procedures
Improve Shopper Experience
// Better manage alarms to enhance shoppers experience while maximizing the deterrent value of detection systems
// Enable selective alarming of only exiting tags with directionality functionality to ensure a quiet front end


Traffic Intelligence Data Measures Store Operational Performance

If traffic intelligence is deployed, EAS intelligence is able to measure data on store performance such as sales conversion rates as well as verify the effectiveness of advertising and promotional campaigns.

EAS Power Management

Reduces EAS power consumption through the ability to place the system on stand-by mode at scheduled times helping to save costs.

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