Fence Detection Intrusion System

Fence Detection Intrusion System (FIDS)

An important asset any for industrial, commercial, public or private site is to detect perimeter intrusions. We can offer a complete range of reliable and intelligent Perimeter Protection systems, both for indoor and outdoor security needs.

Keep external threats outside of your property. Secure your perimeter and better manage traffic in and out of your facilities, while allowing easy access for authorized personnel and visitors. We integrate a full spectrum of solutions including fiber-based security fences, photo-electric sensors, automobile access systems, outdoor video and more, all designed and installed to your specific needs.


// Automobile barriers
// Personnel and vehicle access systems
// Card-based access
// Biometric access
// K-rated gates
// Biometric access
// Photo-electric solutions
// Video surveillance and recording
// Monitored alarm systems
// Ground-based radar systems
// Maritime-based systems
// Solutions to meet Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)